Friday, June 29, 2007

The Nativity Story

This beautiful retelling of the story of the birth of Jesus. It follows Mary from conception of Jesus to the birth. I love how it shows us how great a man Joseph was. It had humor too. It's a movie that should be watched every Christmas. 3 1/2 out 4

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Harsh Times

I wanted to watch this film because I'm such a fan of Christian Bale. (batmen returns, The prestige) I am amazed of the range of his acting ability. And he's so easy on the eyes. ;) This plot was this downward spiral where nothing gets better and it's just so tragic. The only thing worth watching is Christian Bale but other than that it's not worth watching.
2 out 4

Monday, June 25, 2007

casino royale

Back when I heard they were looking for a new James Bond, I was skeptical. I didn't think they could ever find a Bond that would be as good as Sean Connery. They failed with Pierce Bronsan and how I hated that Connery was no longer double o 7. Then I hear Daniel Craig was chosen and the only time I saw him was when he had a co-starring role in Munich (excellent film). He wasn't the star and didn't get much face time. I was very disappointed. How can the studios fail again. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. Daniel Craig is James Bond. He has the sexy charisma of James Bond. The film was exciting and even though I was a bit lost with the plot, it was still entertaining to watch. Great action film. 3 out of 4


I wanted to watch this movie because I heard Ben Affleck was wonderful in this movie. I didn't realize that he was basically the best thing in the movie. And he was alright. I wouldn't be giving him a standing ovation or anything. After the movie, I did want to read up on George Reeves the actor. How much he wanted to be considered a serious and brilliant actor but got stuck doing Superman on TV. I get that but I didn't get everything else in the movie. 1 1/2 out 4


I'm not really into this kind of humor. I see the appeal. A foreigner coming to America and is misunderstood. Growing up with a mother trying to survive America as a Korean immigrant, there were many times she created embarassing moments when thought back were hilarious moments. However, I didn't like this movie and I don't if it was partly b/c I heard from other people how hilarious this movie was. I expected to be rolling around the floor laughing throughout the movie but I was so disappointed. 1 out 4

The Holliday

This was a sweet sweet movie. I really enjoyed this one. It was predictable but it was very entertaining to watch. I absolutely love Kate Winslet. Not only is she an excellent dramatic actress, she can do a comedy too. I usually find Cameron Diaz very annoying to watch but she was bearable in this movie. I love the scene where it was Kate Winslet on the phone with Jude law and Diaz calls in and Winslet had a little problem with the call waiting. Hilarious. 3 out 4

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rocky Balboa

The final installment (at least I hope so) of the Rocky movies, is much better than the last one but not as good as the first one. This movie was like an old friend that I haven't seen in awhile and it was nice reminiscing old times. I think I was more excited seeing Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli in NBC's Heroes) . I love how Rocky is still so in love with his wife Adrian. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that she was the one. Sylvestor Stallone should lay off on the botox though. He looked kind of unnatural. Well I give the movie 2 out of 4.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A reminder to live life to it's fullest. A witty film starring Will Ferrell. A toned down Ferrell is still a funny Ferrell. I've always loved Emma Thompson and still is able to bring a lot to a character. Film was funny but not moving. I give this film a 2 out 4.

A Good Year

A surprisingly pleasant film staring Russell Crowe. The movie is no where near "The Gladiator" caliber but it was watchable. I thought Crowe was wittly funny and even though it would have been easy to hate his character, he gave him a sensitivity which enabled me to like him. The supporting cast was very good as well. The movie soundtrack also gave aid to the movies package. Also, the beautiful scenery was a plus, too. I give it 2 1/2 out of 4.