Monday, June 16, 2008

The Namesake

The Namesake... I had higher expectation of this movie. I didn't like Kal Penn at all in this movie. Maybe it's his acting ability compared to those that played his parents. The only thing I enjoyed in this film was the parents storyline. I know that there were so many underlying themes but it just seemed so messy to me. I'm sure the book is a lot better. 2 out of 4

One Night with the King

I added this movie to my queue when it was recommended to me based on my recent viewed movies, awhile ago. As I sat watching it, it follow a woman named Hedassa who changed her name to Esther so that she can hide being Jewish. She was this humble but yet strong beautiful woman chosen to be queen. She spoke of the bible story of David and Goliath and Jacob. Hmmm! Is this a Christian movie? I know Esther is in the bible. The movie a bit confusing in many places and it dragged a bit but the core theme of the movie was so beautiful. This woman... Esther. So after the movie, I took out my bible looked in the back where it lists keywords and where you can find it in the bible. I looked up Esther and low and behold there is a book of Esther in the Old Testament. I am ashamed that I never read this book. It was all in there. King Xerxes... everything. That this heroic woman is in the bible. Her complete faith in God, gave her the strength to risk her life for her people. I was moved. I enjoyed the movie. 3 out of 4

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Half Nelson

Ryan Gosling was nominated for an oscar for his role in this movie. He plays a drug addicted teacher trying to make a difference in an urban school. I was actually awed by the acting debut of Shareeka Epps. She plays the student of Goslings character who befriends him by witnessing his addiction to drugs. Surprisingly, the movie was entertaining not because of it's deep serious content but there was humor through out the movie. It is unexpected but really brought heart to the film. It's ironic how a white teacher goes to an all black school to make a difference but not as a role model but even his debilitating habit can turn around one girls life for the better. It was a good film. And keep eyes on Shareeka Epps... she got natural talent. 3 out of 4

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nanny Diaries

I have mixed feeling about this film. There were parts that I really enjoyed that was heart warming and funny but then there were parts that were odd. It had good individual parts but never really came together very well. Hmmm... not a memorable movie. 2 out of 4


I loved this film. It is a funny quirky film. Kerri Russell was amazing in this film. It's simple but it was heartfelt. 4 out of 4


My favorite part is at the end how having a child just empowers a mother to do what she couldn't do before...


Fifty years from now, the sun is dying, and mankind is dying with it. Our last hope: a spaceship and a crew of eight men and women. They carry a device which will breathe new life into the star. But deep into their voyage, out of radio contact with Earth, their mission is starting to unravel. There is an accident, a fatal mistake, and a distress beacon from a spaceship that disappeared seven years earlier. Soon the crew is fighting not only for their lives, but their sanity. (per,com

The movie was entertaining. A bit confusing... but message was loud and clear. Would you sacrifice yourself for a mission that if you failed would be the end of mankind? 2 1/2 out of 4


I loved this film. I thought it was so beautiful and so beautifully written. It's a great love story. It has a powerful cast. Critics gave mixed reviews but it was a movie that took me away to a fantasy land and I just didn't want to go home. 4 out of 4

Live Free or Die Hard

The storyline is not unique. It's pretty much something you've seen before but Bruce Willis makes it different. It was action pack with great stunts. (only in the movies) Amazing never the less. Justin Long made a great comedic accessory to the film. I was entertained. 2 1/2 out of 4

High School Musical 2

A Very Cute Movie. I think I'm officially too old to watch this... The first one is by far much better than this sequel. I found Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens soooooooooo annoying. The only thing great in this film was Ashley Tisdale. She played her character flawlessly. She was hilarious. I can see why the young kids are loving the movie but I am sad to say that I didn't quite enjoy it that much. 2 out of 4

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex In the City.

I am a huge fan of Sex in the City. When I heard there was going to be a movie, I've been looking forward to it ever since. The movie stayed true to the series. It was so funny and great writing. All the characters from the four girls to the little roles reprised there roles. Mr. Big was actually in love with Carrie and acted like it. He was letting go to love. It was a great conclusion to the series. It moved very quickly in the beginning but then it halted a bit and the ending wasn't as climatic as I thought it could have been but it really wrapped the whole series up.

spoiler alert: It does pull your heartstrings... carrie and Big on the street and petals every where, carrie traveling the snow to be with lonely miranda, charlotte's anger "I curse the day you were born!" , miranda and steve on the brooklyn bridge...

They are talking about doing a sequel but I think they should just let it be.

4 out 4 because i'm a fan!