Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This was a hilarious movie.  I loved it.  Emma Stone was brilliant in this movie.  I didn't like how they made fun of the christian group. it made fun of the stereotype which was funny.  I have to admit.   I may adopt their way of saying bye.  2 taps on the heart and a hand to the sky.

Stanley Tucci...  so awesome...  I've seen him in Kitt Kittredge movie, devil wears prada, julie and julia, and I'm sure I've seen him in a few more.  But this man is such a great actor.  He is so funny, too.  Just love him...


King's Speech

This was a very good film.  Geoffrey Rush was my favorite.  Great ensemble work for the cast.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


THIS IS AN ACTION THRILLER at it's best.  It was really exciting and it really keeps you guessing.  I thought it was a CIA agent being accused of a crime that she has to get herself out by proving her innocence.  I was wrong there was so much more.  SO unpredictable.  Angelina Jolie is very nice to watch.  She is so graceful but can really pack a punch. SHarp and a lot of graceful movements.  Love her revenge scene...  twirl here and there.   Very entertaining.   She doesn't mind getting ugly at the end by really getting beat up. Great fight scenes and that last kill... Jolie moving towards Liev Shreiber and "WHAM!  she jumps over and kills him even though she's handcuffed by a chain.  WOAH!
I'd add this to my movie collection...

Great move by the movie execs to replace Tom Cruise with Angelina Jolie...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Strings Attached

My husband and I had a date afternoon.  Initially, we planned to watch the King's Speech but when we got there, we were 1/2 hour late and we needed to watch a movie that started at that second so we can make it back in time to pick up the kids from school.  So we ended up watching No Strings Attached.  Okay with a cast including, Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Kline, Cary Elwes, Ludicrus, and Mindy Kaling (the Office), one would  expect this movie to be more entertaining than it was.  Portman and Kutcher would have chemistry but then certain scenes very dull.  Many of the actors I felt couldn't carry out the writing...  I don't know if it was the writing or the actor's ill delivery of punch lines.  Great actors but didn't dance well with each other.  It was entertaining at moments but I felt the movie did not come together.  It's just a "wanna be" to the classic romantic comedies. I saw a glimpse of Portman's comedy skills and there is something there.  Hope a better vehicle comes a long for her.    I was so sad to have wasted my money watching  this film in the theaters.   Watch this movie at home when it comes out on DVD.  

Oh, I loved how they used music of past to dictate each time marker.  Like the first song , it was I think 10 years ago and you hear "I want to sex you up" by Color me bad... the music soundtrack was good.

The A-Team

Very entertaining!!  Action packed!  Funny when I can catch some of the liners.  Quick paced.. quick talking...  I loved it...  Wouldn't add it tho to my collection.  Nice hour and 1/2 of non-thinking fun.