Monday, June 25, 2012


Buzzy (Edward Burns) and Katie (Caitlin FitzGerald) are a newly married couple living a seemingly conflict-free life. But when Buzzy's damaged and impulsive half-sister Linda (Kerry Bishé) arrives at their doorstep expecting to stay for an indefinite period in their Tribeca loft, her antics threaten to disrupt the couple's commitment to an "easy" marriage. Meanwhile, with Katie's sister Marsha projecting suspicions of her own husband's infidelity onto Buzzy, will the couple's formerly trusting and insulated life be able to withstand the dysfunctions of their respective siblings? 

I am a fan of Edward Burns style of writing and directing.  Some critics call him a Woody Allen wanna be.  Woody Allen writing and directing sometimes a little too smart for me.  Burns- style I can understand and appreciate.  This Faux-documentary style film was entertaining.  It feels real and that for an hour I get to look in on this couple and I relate to them.  

The one actor that stood out to me, acting wise, was Kerry Bishe who plays Buzzy's step sister, Linda.  She's  messed up and Bishe  played the character with depth.  I looked her up and didn't see any of her other works.  I did start to watch Red State which she's listed as a cast.  THe movie was too scary and crazy that I didn't finish watching it.  I don't remember her.  But I do think only great actors can pull of a scary movie.  Many stars have started out in horror like Johnny Depp, Jaime Lee Curtis, Kevin Bacon, Angela Basset, and many more.  

This film I'll give 2 1/2 out of 4.


Directed by: Jason Miner

Russell Brand was hilarious.  I don't know how much improvising he did or how much of the script he stuck with in his performance.  It seemed like I was watching Brand's stand up.  Story line was blah..
I know that it doesn't compare to the original "arthur" with Dudley Moore.  Dudley Moore's version is sophistication and this one was plain silly.

The only think I liked were the  scenes with Brand and Helen Mirren who plays his nanny.  Helen Mirren was a pleasure and it seems that Brand and Mirren worked well together.  I was pleasantly surprised that in the sillyness Brand delivered the serious dramatic emotions.  Russell Brand is not just a pretty funny boy but  he has some acting ability.

2 out 4


Director: Rob Reiner

The movie  begins in the early 60's and follows a girl and a boy.  Juli baker mainly played by Madeline Carroll meets a boy, Bryce, and becomes flipped for him.  Bryce is a shallow boy due to the upbringing of a father who is shallow but after encountering Juli, his eyes becomes open.  Bryce follows suit and becomes flipped for Juli.  Love it love it!!  Good movie for the family.

Ideas I loved:  Peoples can be less or more than their parts.  Shallow vs. deep  self-centered vs. self-less (thoughtfulness)   On Bryce's father: something rotting under the surface  .

Madeline Carroll is talented. I thought she did a great job portraying Juli Baker.  She performed well with the seasoned/ veteran actors like Aidan Quinn and Penolope Ann Miller.   Sweet Story!

Keep an eye out for  Madeline Carroll!

3 1/2  out of 4

 I loved this film.  It is sweet and well directed.  Music was great.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

movies I recomend..

1. whip it
    directed by : drew barrymore (debut)
    cast: Ellen Paige, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen wiig

Endearing and funny.



3.   I AM FOUR
Entertaining...  passes the time.
Alex Pettyfer is yummy!  When I picture Christian Grey (yes, I am ashamed, I read it), this is who I see.

4.  THe Killing (tv show)
Just watched season 1. It is so good.  Didn't catch second season, yet.  But I can't wait to watch it.

Aftershock (chinese)

foreign film : chinese
director :  Feng Xiaogang

I highly recommend watching this movie!

3 1/2 out of 4

This weekend seems like movies with messages about mother and daughter relationships.  This was a moving film and I was crying all through out the film.  It is moving and touching.  What I got away from it was that?  Holding on to bitterness and an  unforgiving heart not only damages your own  heart but damages hearts of other.  Great acting and even though the scenes pushed through quickly in time but you don't get lost.  Not sure if the story told is fictional based off a true event but regardless it was a compelling story told.  ALso, music score was great!  LOVED IT!

Currently streaming on NETFLIX.

Disney Pixar

3 out 4

Spoiler Alert:

I loved this film.  I have always been a fan of Scotland folkish times. (Huge fan of Braveheart) Princess Merida was a like able character.  I loved the colors and the flow of the scenes.  I liked the music.  Compared to the other pixar films it fell a bit under but I loved the message of the movie.

I loved the character arc plot.  I got a bit uncomfortable seeing a child rebelling against her mother and I kept glancing at my kids, not wanting this kind of behavior to be appealing to them.  The movie showed how Princess Merida's pride divided her with her mother. She knew she had many gifts and wanted the freedom to determine her fate.  Under the guidance of her mother's supervision, her mother guides her, teaches her and rebukes her.  Merida rolls her eyes and doesn't see the value of her mother's role in her life.

So Merida meets a witch and wishes that she can determine her own  fate.  What happens she could lose her mother forever!  A mother shapes their daughters and fate is affected by their presence.  Relationships.. a relationship divided.  When the worst  happens Merida still is prideful and she keeps repeating, "It's not my fault!"  Trying desperately to undo what she has done... she fights ... she seeks... she sews... but in the end.. but all seems a loss.   She humbles herself and in a climatic moving scene.  She embraces her mother and she utters these words.  "It is all my fault... I am so sorry!"  I was in tears!

I lost my mother last year to cancer.  All I could think about how Merida and Eleanor's  relationship mirrored my relationship with my mother.  I wanted freedom from her and I took for granted her love for me.  We had many awful fights.  We were both so prideful.  I would have wished that same wish as a teen.  But my mother's love guided me and even though I was young and rebellious and took her for granted, I see that my life would not have been any good without her.  I really miss her so much.

I hope my three daughters will be able to see that my love, even if it may cramp their style, comes from a place of sincerity.  They would be able to treasure our relationship. That we will be humble and really listen to one another.  To know each other intimately and deeply.

Friday, June 22, 2012

2 Days In New York

Chris Rock and Julie Delpy.

Anna Karenina

I was wondering when this film was coming out.  I am very interested to see how this turns out.  The director films colorfully and beautifully.  I didn't like how Atonement turned out... cinematically it was beautiful but substance wise I didn't enjoy it.  But Pride and Prejudice by this director, I loved.  We'll just have to see...

Celeste and Jesse Forever

This looks super funny and good quality film.  Reminds me of the five year engagement but with heart. Can't wait to watch this... coming out end of August.

Adam Samberg and Rashida Jones = brilliant  I hope!

Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart
Director: Scott Cooper

I saw this movie last year.  I don't see that I posted about this one.  This was very good.  Jeff Bridges was very deserving of all his accolades.  I love when an actor can portray  messed up but so lovable.  If you haven't seen this one, I'd recommend it!  Music is good too!

3 out of 4

The Adjustment Bureau

Director: George Nolfi

Emily Blunt and Matt Damon were adorable in this love story.  Great chemistry.  Delivered the witty banter back and forth with ease.   Story line was a bit odd and I was too tired to really think too deeply about this one.  Reminded me of Inception but this is a bit subordinate to it.  Matt Damon carried this film.  John Slattery didn't hurt the film.  Love him in Mad Men.  

I looked into seeing if Emily Blunt had any dance training.  I was surprised to learn that she did not.  I'm not a trained dancer but I thought her dancing scenes as a professional dancer was believable.  

I enjoyed this film.  

2 1/2 out of 4

The Vow

The Vow
Director: Michael Sucsy

Back in February, I went on a date night with my husband and another couple to watch this film.  The wives wanted to drag our husbands to see a chick flick.  My friend's husband complained for months knowing that when ' The Vow' came out we were going to go see this movie together.  All from a facebook post that I dragged my hubby to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 and what he would   do for love.

So the husbands shed fake mocking tears and rolled their eyes as us women drooled over Channing Tatum and became teary-eyed at this love story.

I believed the film wasn't worth me paying 10.00 to see it in a theater but the screen size Channing Tatum did help justify the cost..  A little bit...  Seems like Tatum had his shirt off often. I can hear the teenagers sighing when they see the shirtless Tatum with pants hung very low and even scored a butt shot of the actor.   Seems like the producers knew that the writing was a bit lacking so they had to get the tweens out to theaters somehow.

Tatum and McAdams had excellent chemistry in the goofing around and fun part of the movie.  I don't know.. to be honest don't remember much but ... thought Tatum and McAdams was lacking something..  in the serious scenes, they couldn't maintain their softness... I can't explain it. Lost me when it all became to unravel but unravelling in an unattractive way.  Scott Speedman?  where did he come from?  Aged a bit.  

Overall, cute story.. but not loving it.

2 out of 4

In A Year...

Sorry for the hiatus... I just didn't have the time to up keep this blog...  I have been struggling with this passion I have for movies and television. Growing up, I seriously thought that I was going  to attend a performing arts school (like in FAME) and become someone who mattered in the entertainment business.  In high school, I was intimidated by others who were pursuing acting and singing so, I was a closet performer.  My mother only pushed for scholar excellence.  I had hopes to apply to NYU and go to school for film but my mother held an intervention.  Bringing in her pastor from her church, they were telling me how I was going to ruin my life by going into the movie industry  and that I should go to Pharmacy school.  After arguing for a few days, my mother laid it all out.  I either go to pharmacy school where my education will be paid for or go to NYU and be on my own.   The fear of not having financial support and living utterly on my own, I chose Pharmacy school.

In the past, many times,  I regretted  not taking the other direction.  It would lead me to discontentment because I felt my life sucked.  I'm a pharmacist that hates what I do.  It pays the bills and puts food on the table but my passions lie elsewhere.  I see a great movie and I aspire... I see a moving performance and I aspire...   I am in a different place now.  I do see that it was God's grace that made me choose pharmacy school over film school.  I liked to say in the past that if I chose the other way around my life would be so much better.  But I know now that it would not have been.  See, I have come to the realization.  There is no such thing as a wrong decision.  Coulda , woulda , shoulda, is not true.  I believe that everything works for my good because of the one who loves me.  If I chose film school, would I have this relationship with God?  A relationship where I know Him and I fear Him... I believe this path I am on now is the only path where I could have a meaningful relationship with God.  I am thankful.  I shudder to think what would have happened if God let me take the path, I desired.

But I have this passion...  I just love the art forms of performing.  Letting go and being creative...  moving people, making people laugh, looking at things in different lenses.   I end up watching so many shows.  I can't give up netflix because I have to watch everything that was made. Hence, I created this blog so I can document what I seen and recommend or diss what I saw.   My absence though doesn't mean I stopped watching I just didn't have time to document.  Doesn't mean my passion died ... I was getting to know my Heavenly Father.   How do I bring this passion of mine to bring God glory?  Is this a passion that I need to squash in order for me to grow more intimate with God.  of course this passion should never replace my passion for God.  But I just wonder if I can bring my interest to bring glory to God.

I have been thinking of going back to school for film or just something to just to attain some skill with the camera.  Not for a career but to just help open myself up to possibilities.  I've been praying about it so we'll see.  Meanwhile, I will try better to share with you what I see...